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Last Updated
19 Nov 2004




Urinary Catheterisation Training


Time: 9.30 am - 4.30 pm
Dates & Venues: 2003:

15 September, at Redwood House, Gloucester Royal.

15 October, at St Pauls Medical Centre, Cheltenham

7 November, at Redwood House, Gloucester Royal.

8 December, at St Pauls Medical Centre, Cheltenham



This training session focuses on the theoretical framework that underpins the skills of male and female urinary catheterisation.


There is also an opportunity to practice your skill in a safe environment on both male and female maniquins.


The session is designed for any health care professional who is required to undertake these procedures. It is ideal for those new to catheterisation or those who just want to update their knowledge.


Topics covered include:

  • Training needs, accountability issues, legal & ethical implications
  • Indications for catheterisation
  • Complications of urinary catheterisation
  • Supra pubic catheterisation & changes of catheter
  • Asepsis & infection control
  • Anatomy of the male and female urinary tract
  • Clinical skills assessment



This session runs in the morning, prior to the catheter care training. Learners can attend for the whole day, or just the morning or afternoon session.


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